Caring for your Jewellery

All pieces are made to the highest quality. However jewellery needs a bit of care to keep it looking its best, and it is a fact that silver in particular is susceptible to tarnish.

How quickly tarnish appears will vary from person to person. Some people can wear silver for months without significant dulling, others only a matter of days. The speed of the tarnish reaction depends on the levels of moisture and sulphides the piece is exposed to, and your own body chemistry.

However, it is easy to keep your jewellery looking bright and shiny – you simply need to clean it regularly, so your jewellery is no different to your clothes or your car in this respect. The best approach is to wipe an anti-tarnish silver polish cloth over your jewellery after each wear. This will stop tarnish getting a grip. The following steps will help keep tarnish at bay and your jewellery beautifully shiny. 


We recommend gently wiping your jewellery with an Anti-Tarnish Polish Cloth after wearing. We provide a small Anti-Tarnish Polish Cloth to get you started, but it will lose it effectiveness after a few weeks. If you wish you can purchase polishing cloths directly from us.


Moisture is a crucial part of the chemical reaction that causes tarnish. Remove your jewellery before bathing, exercise or sleep. Never wear your jewellery whilst swimming – chlorine will 100% turn your silver black.


Avoid spraying jewellery with perfume, hairspray, fake tan and other lotions and potions. Aside from moisture in these products, the chemicals in these can also react with precious metal, causing tarnish. 


Store your jewellery in the box provided, which is acid-free with anti tarnish properties. Do not store with base metal jewellery or coins as this will cause tarnish.


Precious metal jewellery needs treating with care to keep it looking it best. If you choose to wear items daily and whilst exercising then it will naturally show signs of wear faster than if worn occasionally. Some designs are more susceptible to wear than others, for example, stacked pendants, or cluster necklaces where charms will inevitably rub against each other, as well as rings and bangles which are vulnerable to knocks. If you have your heart set on these designs then you also need to embrace the worn surface that will inevitably develop as part of the charm! 


If your jewellery becomes heavily tarnished and dull, we stock Anti tarnish kits that you can  purchase. This includes an anti tarnish spray, soft bristle brush for getting into those hard to reach areas, as well as a silver polishing cloth. 


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