3D Adult entwined casting (Holding hands)


£125.00 for Two hands as a freestanding ornament. 

Each additional hand is £30.00

Have your piece mounted on a base with a personalised engraved plaque for an additional £25.00

How to book

Phone: 01889 292889

Email: francesca@tokenoflovegifts.co.uk



A great way to celebrate you have a special someone in your life, and to have a piece of them with you always. 

This could be a mother & daughter, husband & wife, grandchild & grandparent, Father and son or anyone you hold dear.

You can have your 3D casting finished off as a freestanding ornament or mounted on one of our bases with a personalised engraved plaque. 

We have 8 beautiful colours your 3D castings can be finished in. 

Statue Effect
This is where we undercoat your casting black and paint over the top with a metallic wax. It really makes the detail stand out from a distance and highlights all those amazing lines, wrinkles and dimples. This is available in Bronze, Silver and Gold. 

Metallic Effect
This gives a gorgeous gloss finish to your castings, still highlighting all that amazing detail. This is available in White Pearl, Pink Pearl, Rose Gold, Gold and Silver. One thing you will notice about Token of Love is the amount of choice we have for you. 

We feel it is very important to offer our customers a variety so you can really personalise your piece and fit it with the style of decor you have at home. All paint and bases choices are available to view when you come for your casting appointment at our studio. 

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